All our services, including our statements for individual customers, and Member Enquiries, are running well, despite continuing COVID restrictions. PDF e-statements are being issued instead of paper statements. For Fast Track services only, both paper and PDF e-statements are being issued. More:


Services for Organisations

Unique services for organisations

UK NARIC offers a range of unique services for educational institutions, employers, professional bodies and migrant advisory organisations.

UK NARIC can help you compare international qualifications from 200 countries, former states or territories with the equivalent levels of UK qualifications. We can also help you authenticate qualifications and detect fraud.

Our services are underpinned by the largest information base of international qualifications in the world, based on over 15 years of research, continuously reviewed and updated.

Capitalise on our research, specialist knowledge and expertise with our training workshops, seminar events and annual conference. We also offer eTraining, bespoke training, on-site support, and advanced research, consultancy and data services.

Large scale users such as university and college admissions offices and international departments, and professional bodies and large HR departments, can find best value in our membership packages. Smaller scale users can access services via our One-off Enquiry service or Assessments Bundles. All our training and support services can be ordered separately, so that you buy only what you need.

Membership Packages

Our annual packages service a wide range of requirements. Multi-user licences give 24/7 online access to our information bases with options for inclusive training and support.

Online information bases

24/7 online access to over 4,000 international qualifications with clear comparisons to the UK’s frameworks, and sample certificates to help with fraud detection.

International Grade Comparisons

Identify the brightest and best candidates: map and compare grades and grade profiles from over 65 key feeder countries, at A Level and Bachelor level.

Training, Support, Conference

Benefit from our specialist knowledge: regular training workshops, seminar events and annual conference. eTraining, on-site support and bespoke customised training.

One Off Enquiries

If you are assessing a candidate or applicant with international qualifications, we can provide a Statement of Comparability on a one-off basis.

Assessments Bundle

For the smaller scale organisation handling a number of candidates or applicants, our Assessments Bundles offer better value than buying services One-off.

Research and Consultancy

Benchmarking qualifications, skills mapping, market analysis, informing education policy and international recruitment strategy, capacity building at organisation and ministry levels.

Data Service

Raw data on 200 education systems, their qualifications and institutions, market trends and professional sectors, for your research, database and application requirements.

Verification services

Fraud detection and protection: verify that qualifications are genuine, simply and quickly, online. Purchase bundles of checks or integrate into your application process.