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If you are looking to work, study or train in Europe then Europass can provide you with the means to effectively promote your skills and competences. It is free to use and recognised all over Europe.

Europass is a free set of online tools and information to help you manage your career throughout your life.

Europass e-Portfolio

The Europass CV can be completed online through the very user friendly portal and is well recognised across Europe.


Interoperability is a system that can connect and communicate across platforms where information can be exchanged and reused.

Learn in Europe

Europass can help you plan your leaning and find the right opportunity to develop your skills.

Work in Europe

Europass can help you plan your career and find the right opportunity for you to develop your skills.

Europass Digital Credentials

Europass Digital Credentials ensures that certificates from one Member State can be understood and verified in any other.

Mobility Supplement

Europass Mobility provides a record of skills and experience gained whilst learning or working in Europe.

Certificate Supplement

The Certificate Supplement helps people better understand the content and level of your vocational qualifications.

Diploma Supplement

The Diploma Supplement helps people to better understand the content and level of your higher education qualifications.