Training and Seminars

Half-day Training Workshops

Our half-day Training Workshops are offered regularly throughout the year for your convenience, with a choice of location in London, Cheltenham or Manchester. They cover core topics in lively three-hour sessions with hands-on exercises, case studies and practical examples, and opportunities for Q&A and discussion.

Subscriber members: you can use your complimentary training places for these half-day Training Workshops. Non-members can book places, and members can book additional places, for £275 + VAT per person. Logged-in members can book online. Non-members can click for the PDF booking form. Or contact on + 44 (0)871 330 7303 to discuss your requirements.

Core topics

Specialist Workshops on Countries and Regions

Admissions Training – Level 1 and Level 2

These newly developed one-day courses give concentrated and thorough training on all the major international admissions aspects of the Admissions Officer role.

Level 1 is a thorough introduction and is suitable for those new to the international admissions role or in the first 18 months of the job. Level 2 provides progression from this and provides a deeper understanding and practical techniques that even more experienced admissions officers will find useful.

Together, the Level 1 and Level 2 days represent excellent training and development for international admissions offices, and will build confidence in handling a wide range of international qualifications and admissions problems. Compliance issues are also addressed, building knowledge, awareness, and competence in this important aspect.

Subscriber members on our membership package Levels 1-5 normally cannot use their complimentary training places for these one-day training courses. (Level 6 – Premium members can use their complimentary training places for Admissions training days.) Places can be booked at a special discounted member rate.

Contact or call + 44 (0)871 330 7303 to book your free or paid-for place.

One-day Seminar Events

UK NARIC offers high quality one-day Seminar Events, which are organised as ‘mini-conferences’ with leading expert guest speakers and focusing on key topics in the sector.

Our one-day Seminar Events focus in detail on important and current themes of interest to our subscriber members and the wider sector and offer excellent updating, briefing and development opportunities.

Subscriber members on our membership package Levels 1-5 normally cannot use their complimentary training places for these one-day Seminar Events. (Level 6 – Premium members can use their complimentary training places for Seminar Events.) Places can be booked at a special discounted member rate of £175 + VAT per person.

Contact or call + 44 (0)871 330 7303 to book your free or paid-for place.

On-site Support & Training

This new UK NARIC training and support service is delivered on-site at your offices – saving you travel time and costs.

You can nominate up to 15 colleagues to attend, so this is a very efficient updating and support option, saving a lot of team downtime compared to conventional off-site training.

The On-Site Support & Training day includes delivery of 4 of our new Fast Training Modules – one-hour-long fast introductory modules on core topics.

The first 4 topics for Fast Training Modules are confirmed, and more topics will be announced through 2019 so you can build your own On-Site Support & Training programme:

  • Practical Introduction to Tier 4 Compliance
  • Practical Introduction to Evaluating International Qualifications
  • Practical Introduction to Dealing with Education Fraud
  • Practical Introduction to Using the UK NARIC Information Bases and Resources

The small group format and on-site delivery means a flexible day of support and training can be offered, tailored to your exact needs and with opportunities for Q&A and customised support.

On-site Support & Training is included in our Level 6 – Premium membership package and is available separately to all UK NARIC subscriber members at £1100 + VAT per day (plus trainer travel costs).

For more information, or to arrange and book your Support Day, contact or call + 44 (0)871 330 7303.


Our new eTraining programme delivers training on core topics in fast and efficient modules that can be completed online at your desk or PC in 1 hour – although learners progress at their own pace, and can go over and repeat sections as they wish to reinforce learning. Training anytime, anywhere.

New - added August 2017 - eTraining module on China.

eTraining modules are available in:

Our new eTraining programme is unique and innovative in global terms. UK NARIC is the first national recognition agency anywhere to offer an eTraining programme to support the education and professional communities and the commercial sector worldwide.

eTraining user places are included in our membership packages Levels 2-6 and are available to order separately at £75 + VAT per user place per module. Contact or call + 44 (0)871 330 7303 for more information or to book your free or paid-for user places.

Bespoke Training and Support

Our Training Workshops can be delivered at the time and location of your choice as part of our Bespoke Service.

According to your particular needs, we can also develop and deliver unique customised and tailored sessions. Examples of bespoke workshops we have delivered recently are:

  • Chinese Institutions - Regions and Disciplines
  • European Vocational Education
  • International Secondary Qualifications
  • Assessing English Language Competence
  • European Secondary School Grading Distribution
  • Gao Kao in depth
  • International Professional Qualifications
  • Allied Health in India, the Philippines and South Africa
  • Education in North America
  • Education in Latin America
  • Education in Emerging Markets
  • Transnational Education

For more information on how our Bespoke Training and Support service can meet your particular requirements, contact or call + 44 (0)871 330 7303.












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